Colloboration With Industries is an Art of Getting Results With Trust

We are insanely doers and help organizations innovate, transform and implement technologies. Our technology-driven methodology can help your deployment rapidly reach its full potential.

We Are The Trailblazers – In Touch With Tomorrow

From traditional waterfall approach to modern agile development, We follow both to help our clients achieve their business excellence in the most efficient way..

Our experts at CTNeeds, focus on offering a new approach to our clients by creating long-lasting relationships with them and by continually helping them in staying ahead of the competition by keeping them cutting edge. Our team believes in working as an extension of your team to determine more creativity from both the team members. From customer-centric approach to unmatched quality, responsiveness and flexibility, we have the experience and skills to help your business succeed.

We have been serving clients in a variety of industry verticals such as Finance, Aviation, Publishing, Real Estates, Manufacturing, Retails, Supply Chain, Insurance etc; some of them are the fastest growing companies in their own domain. We Measure our success by the results we derive for our clients. Our clients are able to achieve new thresholds through our comprehensive range of software services and solutions.

Our Service Features Sets Us Apart

Revolutionize your platform and follow best practices to achieve your business goals within a specified budget and increase ROI.


Rapid and iterative development methodology.


Use and implementation of leading project management tools.


Industry Best Practices during entire development process


Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis, and Feasibility Analysis for various projects


Quality assurance & UAT process that is multi-dimensional.


Technical & Business documentations related to project


Smooth progression of the project through entire development cycle

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Imagine The Possibilities And We Make It Real For You!


Being most eminent business consulting firms,We help to accelerate development revolutions by following Best Practices to deliver the next generation business solutions at unbelievable prices.

Large and Medium Sized Companies

Our diverse team is capable of understanding and resolving all your digital problems and possess the needful skills to drive better business results for your large or medium enterprise. Our professional expertise is evident when it comes to exceptional results delivered for our previous clients so far. Tailoring of marketing plans is performed by our marketing team whereas the technical team is responsible for the development projects.


From customer-centric approach to unmatched quality, responsiveness and flexibility, we assist start-ups in all the aspects of their businesses. We collaborate with the companies effectively for supreme business results. Our experts and developers are flexible and adaptive in working as an extension of your team so that we can determine more creative options from both your team members and our team members simultaneously

Few More

We have got you covered to derive your company to distinction. Still not sure what you need? We are here, to help you regardless of your industry, category or background. We would help you uncover your potential and guide your firm towards the future with serving few more industries such as Food and Beverages, e-commerce B2B, and B2c.

Finance and Real Estate

With Salesforce CRM Cloud and Marketing Cloud, refine your email marketing, drive sales, and increase event attendance. Engage more deeply with your customers with Sales Cloud on-going administrative services and gain a streamlined view of your customers by implementing Salesforce.

Healthcare and Education

Our Experts help healthcare leaders integrate CRM systems into their business. Develop Cloud solutions for pharmaceutical testing services company to automate operations and provide visibility into sales pipeline and financial reporting


Government and Non-Profits

With our CRM CLoud platform automate services and engage in a better way with your customers. Derive more with the customized solutions to specific needs and demands of the customers. Enable your Government organisation to attain its vision in a cost effective manner with a CRM solution.

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