Enable Your Org to Drive Best ROI With CTNeeds Salesforce Implementation Practices

Get a fully customized Salesforce org implemented to accelerate and optimize sales, and to improve your processes and workflow

Your Business Needs A Successful Implementation Strategy!

Customized and ready-to-use Salesforce page to accelerate your team’s productivity right away.

Begin each implementation with Actionable Strategy; strategic guidance focused on the investments in people, process, and technology that deliver tangible results and help you transform over time.

Our Salesforce Implementation usually includes:


Customized User Interface


Custom coding


New user training


New admin training


Form validation


Process automation


Standard object configuration


Custom object configuration


Data modeling


Security modeling

Well Planned Salesforce Solutions Can Save A Lot Of Time And Resources.

Understand business with us and work to launch, relaunch, or recover your existing Salesforce pages.

The new implementation is perfect if you’re starting with Salesforce for the first time.

Re-Engineering projects will transform your existing Salesforce implementation together with your re-engineered business processes.

Recovery projects will help you realize a higher return on investment (ROI) with your current Salesforce implementation, increasing usability, functionality, and adoption.

A Truely Agile Saesforce Implementation Process

Discover sessions and plan your salesforce implementation as we understand your business goals and needs.

Inspire your users to test every iteration of the build, and deliver feedback based on their experience. Any erroneously identified necessities or processes are quickly recognized, and the configuration is updated as part of a fine-tuning procedure. This process of preparing for a Salesforce implementation typically yields optimal results in a precise configuration that meets all the needs laid out in the discovery sessions. We are your partner, and our job is to expand your business processes through the use of Salesforce, not mildew your business processes to Salesforce.

Using Our Technical Expertise In Salesforce, We Help Organizations Preparing Their Salesforce Implementation Roadmap.

Each interaction either makes or breaks your business. With our experience and Salesforce Implementation services, we transform the way organizations are doing business.

Harness marketing automation tools with Salesforce CRM to track each customer’s interactions and launch more targeted campaigns. Marketing Cloud takes the guesswork and a good deal of the work out of building campaigns at every stage. You can expand your knowledge of customers, apply that intelligence to shape a successful campaign strategy, and then calculate your ROI—all within Marketing Cloud.
Lightning, Salesforce’s updated interface, improves the usability of the original with new shortcuts, long-awaited features, and mobile-friendly design. Upgrading to Salesforce Lightning saves time and makes employees more productive. You can, manage data from anywhere with the mobile-first interface, close more deals and keep customers happy. Lightning gives you added freedom and control to reorganize pages.
Now you can combine the data, share it with your team members and receive instant responses quicker than ever before from any device or any location with Analytics Cloud. It is a secure cloud-based platform created exclusively for business users looking forward to simplifying their business.
Salesforce Community Cloud lets you engage customers, donors, and volunteers through branded portals, then apply insights to grow and manage your user base. Community Cloud connects you to the people you most want to cultivate and empower, from consumers to vendors to stakeholders. Salesforce communities and portals draw on the platform’s powerful analytics engine, so you can monitor performance down to individual interactions.

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