Experience the Wonders Of Salesforce Lightning

Achieve your goals with the Lightning Component Framework and new developer tools to build responsive applications

Salesforce Lightning

Harness the real power of Salesforce Lightning features to accomplish your targets The following are the unparalleled features you get in Lightning UI


Salesforce releases triannual updates, the lightning platform helps you to stay compatible with those updates


It helps you simplify a lot of day to day tasks that your team would otherwise spend a lot of time working on manually.

Easy Customization

You can control the reorganization of your pages, its layout even more conveniently with the help of a few new options.

Phone Compatibility

Salesforce Lightning components are designed to work as well on cell phone devices as they are on desktop computers.


Lightning version helps you to get the feature of Salesforce Einstein which is an artificial intelligence that helps you to prioritize your leads and requests that will help you close more deals.

Phase 1

Take a good look at your existing Salesforce setup. Determines whether there is a need to reconditioning any custom features or retool any apps to make them compatible with Lightning.

Phase 2

If you come across any barriers in the upgrade apps that you have, you then need coordinate with your consult and the outside vendor.

Phase 3

To keep your employees on their toes with the upgrade and also to diminish the knowledge curve, hire a Salesforce lightning development consultant to run a classroom-style training for your employees.

Why Do we Need Cloud Solutions?

The most important business step is to experience the power of various clouds with Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Application Development is greatly aided with the following clouds that are being offered on the platform. Here is a comprehensive list of all the cloud services offered by Salesforce.

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is a CRM platform that helps you to manage your business’s sales and is quite preferable for B2B and B2C businesses.

Marketing Cloud

The marketing cloud empowers you with leading digital marketing platforms. The marketing division in your institution can use it to manage a customer’s journey.

Service Cloud

The Service Cloud is a service platform for your enterprise that helps you with things like particular case tracking, also with features like social networking plug-in for the purpose of conversation as well as analytics.

Commerce Cloud

This cloud provides for customer information and data incorporation to facilitate a better user experience. If a positive and engaging customer experience is the target then Commerce Cloud is definitely the service that you need.

Community Cloud

This platform provides you with the data on your clients and employees.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The Analytics Cloud helps you work with large data files, create relatable graphs, charts and other pictorial representations that are required.

App Cloud

To create custom applications that are especially required to work on the Salesforce stage, you can without much of a stretch utilize the Salesforce App Cloud. It furnishes you with an aggregation of improvement apparatuses that you can easily use to rapidly make custom applications.

Make your Salesforce Instance Lightning Ready With Our Lightning User Experience For You

Strategize Migration and Define Goals

SalesForce Lightning development platform that makes it easier for the organizations to upgrade from ‘Salesforce Classic’ to ‘Salesforce Lightning’ without losing data or making it inconvenient for the users. Key activities include:
Defining the success matrix
Conducting a system gap and pilot group analysis
Planning desired business impact
Performing a Lightning readiness check

Communicating to Create Awareness

An agency that creates a collaboration with the users for the forthcoming up-gradation process so that everyone is aware of the transition before migration. Key activities include:
Developing executive sponsorship messages
Launch a system preview
Taking steps for user engagement

Testing for Evaluating the Lightning Experience

Before the final process of Migration, a Test is done by us using “Sandbox” to check the Lightning experience of each user group. Chatter can be valuable for social feedback gathering from the pilot users, However, likewise, our team utilizes the Ideas object to shape the experience, with the help of feedback to fit your users.

Realize the Value of the System

Finally, our team sets a ‘Go-live’ date before the lightning is turned on. Irrespective of the planning put into it, there will, in any case, be a lot of queries initially, which is made easy by us. In case that you have Enterprise edition,CTNeeds services offer significant consideration making the lightning modules in Trailhead obligatory before the user can have lightning turned on.

Fastest Way to Spin Apps

Time is money so don’t waste it when you can conserve it.
With the help of the Salesforce lightning app development acquaint yourself with the fastest way to put clients at the focal point and dive deep into the lightning platform’s capabilities.
Salesforce Lightning mobile app development features help you in interacting with clients, customers, and accomplices quicker and more astute.
Delivering you with an instinctive user experience that enables you to work the way you want to, with any device of your choice.
Totally adaptable and customizable, Lightning provides anybody with a chance to design their personal experience without hardly lifting a finger, or even form the applications and components they need.
What’s more, its ecosystem of pre-designed applications and components makes it conceivable to impart the “force” of Salesforce to do much more than you can possibly imagine.

Go Mobile

Enhance your Business ROI with the development of easy mobile apps.
You now have a Salesforce Lightning Application Development that helps you build really amazing apps in no time. Here are a few amazing features of Lighting platform app development-
Create apps with clicks or code

Business clients can undoubtedly fabricate and send demonstration driven applications with point-and-snap apparatuses to streamline business forms; while engineers can manufacture excellent custom applications utilizing microservices, local devices, and open-source systems

Secure each application, naturally

Works in big business level security highlights like two-factor verification encoded disconnected database, and exchange security arrangements guarantee that each application is secure. Capable administration and consistency abilities let you control client and information access to your association.

Enhance user experience

Change versatile client encounters with intelligent, customized portable applications. Plan applications with Lightning UI segments or assemble totally custom UIs. Make frictionless versatile encounters with gadget empowered highlights like TouchID, camera, and geolocation.

Anywhere Access of Business Information

Open pivotal business information regardless of where it lives. Interface your applications to information in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or some other on-premises or cloud-based framework. Arrange relevant information with prebuilt connectors, two-way synchronization, disconnected abilities, and open APIs.

Get auto updates and default flexibility

Stay up with the latest with the most up to date highlights and programmed refreshes. Guarantee bolster for new and refreshed working frameworks and gadget stages. Effortlessly scale your applications for spikes in utilization and for long-haul development.

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